About Us


Welcome to BlueRaven Tees. Since you’re checking us out, here’s what you should know. We’re a photographer and an    artist   who are concerned about what’s happening in the world today. So we’ve pooled our abilities and directed them towards contributing to the collective dialog that’s steering the course of the country. They say that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Diversity, equal rights, and social justice are important to us.  We believe that love is love, that we should help our fellow humans, and that we should care for the planet. How cool would it be if facts and science directed our decision-making? We’d like, in some small way, to help make that happen. We’ve been told that taking such a stance will alienate half the population toward our business. We hope that’s not true.  While we have to pay the rent like everyone else; it’s more important to us to try and have a positive impact than to improve our bottom line.  Our intention isn’t to offend anyone; it’s to be a force for good. Some of the art might seem a little strange, but we find the possibilities of the human mind and the future compelling and it shows in the work.  Perhaps it might facilitate dialogue or spur someone to see things a little differently. We want to connect with those of like minds, who are open-minded, progressive, and like us, want to see a better future. So please, wander around our store and see if it’s a fit for you. We hope it is.

We call ourselves a tee-shirt shop, but we have everything from wall-art to totes, hoodies, phone cases, and mugs, all custom imprinted with exclusive, original graphics. We hope you like what you see and will give us a   like    and tell your friends. We're joining the voices that want a more equal, accepting, and peaceful future for all of us. In doing so, we hope to help nudge the planet in a better direction one tee shirt at a time.

The BlueRaven Team

email: contact@blueravenartist.com

mail: 1151 Eagle Drive, Loveland, CO 80537